Who is TaikoMom?

TM playing
Teri and Tony with our Bags

I’m Teri Hirota, AKA “TaikoMom”.  Like many of you or your parents who are or have been “Taiko Moms” or “Taiko Dads”, I’ve been doing Taikomom duties since 1999 when my sons started playing taiko at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple as part of the Dharma School program. 

When my sons were participating in collegiate taiko in 2008, Michael (Asayake and Yukai) and Cary (Touzan) asked me to make a bachi bag.  They instructed me on what they wanted in the bag as far as look and function. After trying out many prototypes, redesigns and refinements, I made a bachi bag which combines functional, practical, versatility and style all in one.  I began making them for their friends and I was encouraged by many to make them to sell.

I was so fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.  NATC 2011 was held at Stanford University which is almost at my backdoor.  This was the opportunity to fulfill my dream of making something that others would enjoy using.  I sold out of the bags and TaikoMom Bachi Bags was born.  It was my wonderful introduction to the taiko community.

In 2013, I started in the Adult  beginning class at Mountain View Buddhist Temple with our talented instructors, Yumi Ishihara and Susan Yuen.  I had the opportunity to take many taiko workshops from many gifted artists and leaders at the temple such as PJ Hirabayashi, Eien Hunter- Ishikawa, Yoko Fujimoto, Johnny Mori, and Kenny Endo.

TaikoMom Bachi Bags has been around for over a decade and has given me both joy and satisfaction in knowing that each bag supports your passion for taiko.  I hope your TaikoMom Bachi Bag makes you smile and adds to your enjoyment of the art of taiko. 

Thank you,